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No Constraints on Success

Through our core values of Trust, Respect, Accountability, and Creativity, we have a corporate culture that encourages our employees to grow and develop professionally.

SNF is a privately held company which affords us the opportunity to expand our continent-wide locations and rapidly promote our employees.  As a company, we have grown 150% since 2005...

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"Through many of the training classes I have taken, I have become more confident in negotiating; which has resulted in cost savings for the company."
Mallory Ruiz, Senior Buyer

"Balance is an integral cog in the machine we call success.  We work hard and smart at SNF; even though the plant runs 24/7 no one person is always on call.  The off hours responsibility is shared such that everyone has time to spend with their families"
Scott Hippert, Production Foreman

"I have contributed to SNF through minimizing recordable incidents and helping make SNF a safer environment and culture."
Eduardo Albaladejo, EHS Superintendent

Global Leader in Water-Soluble Polymers
Joe Naizer, Vice President, HR

Why work at SNF

SNF is the world's largest water–soluble polymer manufacturer, headquartered just south of historic Savannah, Georgia.  With several manufacturing facilities across the country, SNF offers no constraints to the success of our company or our employees.  SNF has grown from 15 employees in 1986 to more than 1,600 employees in 2015.  Our employees have been at the center of that growth and have grown right along with us.  [Expand]

Not only are we looking for candidates that are looking for long–term growth potential, but also those that possess strong technical capabilities and exemplary leadership, teamwork, and work ethic characteristics.  We value Trust, Respect, Accountability, and Creativity in our employees and offer a family work environment with competitive wages and benefits as reward for their efforts.
Joe Naizer, Vice President, Human Resources
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